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I promise I've been doing things...

Yes, I am guilty of falling behind in keeping up with my website. I should probably hire a pro. Any takers? Just an update: Since my last post in 1975 I played a bunch of SXSW ‘18 shows, did a tour of the Southeast, played many, many shows in the ATX, and wrote a bucketful of new songs. Final edits for a video for my 1st single, Fire in the Wind, just went down. Can’t wait for y’all to see this thing! It was filmed in Iceland, long story that I will tell upon its release. I’m also just about done with my 1st full length solo album, which will consist of 10 songs recorded over the last few months. I aim to stick a fork in this thing by Turkey Day. Gobble Gobble. Stoked to be playing a show with my pal Kevin Galloway (Uncle Lucius) in Richardson, TX on 11/2 at Six Springs Tavern. Check the shows page for deets. I recorded and co-produced Kevin’s solo record with Hal Vorpahl this year. Check it out, mega-groovy record. Ok, thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing all these things with you very soon! Love, JM