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Album Release Show!

STOKED to announce that my album release show for Invisible Lines will be Friday November 8th at the world famous Continental Club in Austin, TX! I love this venue and couldn’t think of a better place for this to go down. Also, be on the lookout this week for the first single and video from the new album.

Closin' the Deal!

Very excited and grateful to announce that I’ve signed with Chicken Ranch Records, who will release my new record. Album title is Invisible Lines, which contains 9 brand spankin’ new jams. Release date and more info coming very soon so keep your ears peeled. Oh, and the icing on the cake was solidifying the deal in the mega-vibey cafe at Dart Bowl. A true Austin Treasure.

dart bowl.JPG

SXSW and Album Update

Excited to announce that I’ve been invited to perform at SXSW 2019! Details TBA. Also very happy to share that my debut album is all recorded and I’ll begin mixing upon returning to Austin post holidays.

I promise I've been doing things...

Yes, I am guilty of falling behind in keeping up with my website. I should probably hire a pro. Any takers? Just an update: Since my last post in 1975 I played a bunch of SXSW ‘18 shows, did a tour of the Southeast, played many, many shows in the ATX, and wrote a bucketful of new songs. Final edits for a video for my 1st single, Fire in the Wind, just went down. Can’t wait for y’all to see this thing! It was filmed in Iceland, long story that I will tell upon its release. I’m also just about done with my 1st full length solo album, which will consist of 10 songs recorded over the last few months. I aim to stick a fork in this thing by Turkey Day. Gobble Gobble. Stoked to be playing a show with my pal Kevin Galloway (Uncle Lucius) in Richardson, TX on 11/2 at Six Springs Tavern. Check the shows page for deets. I recorded and co-produced Kevin’s solo record with Hal Vorpahl this year. Check it out, mega-groovy record. Ok, thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing all these things with you very soon! Love, JM

Video EP

Howdy! I recently completed a 5 song EP of stripped down versions of new tunes. Realizing that audio just ain't enough for the cluttered minds of our overstimulated species, I opted to have the making of said foray filmed in a somewhat fancy way. The result is basically a live recording utilizing no overdubs or other studio trickery. Not that I don't love that stuff and all the sonic rewards it offers, but this was a challenge I wanted to overcome. In the meantime I'm falling into just the opposite with recording fleshed out versions of these numbers as well as several others. Check out the videos here. I'll be uploading the others one at a time in the very near future, so please check back. The series was filmed and directed by the always cheery Mr. Marty Robbins. Oh, and please like the vids and subscribe to my Youtube channel if you are so inclined. Much appreciated...   

Facebook and Songs

Check out my new Facebook page and like me up pretty please! If you're feeling extra nice maybe sign up on my email list too? That would be nice, and nice is good. Much preferred to the alternative. 
Enough about that. Here are some new songs I've conjured up since my last post on the matter:

Further I Run
Too Late to Turn Around
Don't Feel Right
Scattered Bones


March Ma...

In an attempt to avoid cliches, I'm certainly not going to say something like March Madness (damnit, I said it!), but I have found myself smack dab in the middle of a bevy of stage performances this month. Kicking off the mayhem will be a Stubb's show tonight, Hole in the Wall next week, 2 official SXSW showcases, and some sweet sweet day party sprinkled on top. Please check my shows page for particulars. The thought of standing on a platform with a wooden box and singing at folks can weird this boy out sometimes, especially in the middle of the night or early in the morning. But, I will suppress those doubts and soldier on. As I've said to others many times, less thinky more drinky. Spring Break! 

Musical notes with mouthing on top

I've been on something slightly resembling a roll lately in the songwriting department. For a while there I thought I had lost all ability to do so, and I was having recurring thoughts of working in some sort of office environment. Something about having set hours and knowing exactly what the job will entail taps into a part of me possibly not yet explored.  Oh, and I really love filing things.  I tend to write songs in chunks of 3. Isn't that a thing? Someone told me it's better than 2 or 4. Here's the titles I have so far:

Naomi Arms
Invisible Lines
Old Camera
Pales in Comparison
Nothing To See Here
Just Like Always
I Wasn't Looking


Hi there and thanks for checking this out.  First post here.  New frontiers.  I had a great show at Cactus Cafe on Friday night, and I thank them for allowing me play such an iconic joint.  Broke in several new songs, always a bit exhilarating, so many words to remember.  The sound in there was very nice and revealing. Thought I heard a pin drop a few times, or perhaps it was the beads of sweat dripping from my forehead.  It was great having my old pal and most excellent songster, Will Courtney, to share the bill with.  Check him out.